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The guidance of a trustworthy and experienced mortgage professional can simplify any home financing experience. FitzGerald Financial Group has a wealth of knowledge and resources to assist you in finding the best loan to meet your individual home buying needs. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and establishing long lasting customer relationships.

As an experienced lender, Andrew Litchfield is available to guide you through the home financing process. Whether you are purchasing your first home, an investment home, refinancing or just need mortgage advice, Andrew Litchfield can help.


The team at FitzGerald Financial Group made the process of buying my first house easy and painless! They respond quickly to all of your questions and make sending the necessary information convenient through their App, email, and webpage.

- Hillary S.

Andrew has always been responsive and willing to help me with whatever I've needed. He was patient with me and my 3 different GCs & the extra paperwork that came with that.

- Liana R.

Every thing went great

- Edward J.

The communication was fantastic and he patiently explained the finer details of the process I was not familiar with. We were able to work through challenges along the way and he went above and beyond to find workable solutions.

- Percy M.

Made things easy and professional

- Jeffrey J.

The team was awesome. I always knew what was going on and what was needed throughout the process. I was always in the know. After talking to others about their lender team, I would/ and have recommended this team to others. Communication is important to me in general. I was always in the know and directly had access to ask whatever questions that I had. I would always get a quick and direct answer. The team was available in weekends and after business hours. I actually can't think of an improvement

- Carrie G.

The experience with FitzGerald Financial Group was overall very pleasant. This experience was made great by Steve Boyce. Steve was available throughout the entire process to answer questions, provide insight, and help keep me calm in a scary home buying process. As a first time homebuyer, you don't know what you don't know, so having someone you can trust is invaluable. Often Steve would share with me his perspective which was informative, and candid. I never felt alone, or any uncertainty,

- Brandon R.

Use technology eased accessibility and sharing information with all parties involved, allowing for quick decisions and consultations with all stakeholders; Technology made the process economical (time $ money) to navigate Mr. upheld appropriate safeguards to confidentiality of personal information. The through scrutiny of documents and verification of us buyers gave us increased confidence of the process. Involvement of Federal approved HUD consultants crowned the process

- Peter N.

Allen worked well with me to get the needed documents for closing.

- Janeen J.

There was too many delayed. Other than that everything was good

- Joubert J.
Andrew Litchfield

Andrew Litchfield

203K Manager
NMLS ID #: 206894

Direct: 301-606-6660
Office: 240-403-1856
Fax: 240-403-2871

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